Lucy Hale Plays ‘Would You Rather’ With BuzzFeed In Anticipation Of New Film ‘Truth Or Dare’

In Lucy Hale’s new horror film “Truth or Dare”, the harmless game quickly turns deadly when someone — or something — begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare.

In anticipation of the official release, BuzzFeed sat down with the 28-year-old actress and played a game of their own: “Would You Rather”. In the words of BuzzFeed, this “horrifying game with the actor [is] the toughest game of ‘Would You Rather’ you will ever play.”

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Okay… it’s not that horrifying. It is actually rather hilarious. When asked if she would rather be forced to wear wet socks for the rest of her life or be allowed to only wash her hair once a year, she replied: “I don’t really like washing my hair, so I think I’d choose to wash my hair only once a year.”

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The hardest question for the “Pretty Little Liars” star-turned-horror-film-heroine to answer? If she would rather always tell the truth or always have to lie.

Have you ever wondered whether Hale would rather run her tongue down a New York City sidewalk or press her tongue into a stranger’s nostril? Well, watch the video below and all your questions will be answered.


You too can have a little fun and play this game for your self!  

Click the link above and enjoy.



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