‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ Castaway Chris Noble On His Exit: ‘I Felt Burned!’

Sometime within the past year, a “Survivor” producer dug up the Immunity Idol J.T. Thomas neglected, left behind, buried somewhere near Nuku beach. Overconfidence and a false sense of security were what caused that previous unanimously voted winner to be voted out of “Survivor: Game Changers”. The producer transplanted J.T.’s unplayed “cursed” idol to Ghost Island… and production waited for it to mature.

Fast forward two seasons.

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Suave male model Chris Noble aka”The Noble One” scored a clue during the merge feast of season 36. He would stealthily creep out of camp at night, catch a boat over to Ghost Island, and obtain the refurbished relic that J.T. regretfully abandoned. Its power had diminished however [sic] — after losing his vote at the next tribal council, Chris only had two tribals that the idol held any power to save him.

The amateur rapper wisely professed, “J.T. definitely got a little cocky. I don’t want to be that guy that gets sent home who has an idol and didn’t use it.  So I definitely plan on reversing the curse. I will have it in my pocket, and ready to rock.”

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We didn’t ask Chris which was the bad decision he made that will haunt him forever. The answer’s too obvious. It would have been extremely beneficerary [sic] for him to play his idol. That would have been clutch.

That was your one-and-only tribal council, and you set a record of being the only person to be voted out of ‘Survivor’ without ever casting a vote. How burned did you feel?

How burned did I feel by the torch that got taken out, or by the people? I felt burned! I felt more so burned by some of my key alliances or people that I thought I had a good connection with regardless if there were times during the game that we weren’t on the same tribe. Mainly Sebastian and Donathan. We shared some very powerful moments and those powerful moments weren’t powerful enough to save me from a blindside.

Walk us through what was going through your head as Jeff was reading the votes…

They got me. I risked it, and I was playing with house money, and I went all-in with that, and instead I got sent home. I was not regretting my decision. I had to risk it if I wanted to make it to the end and I came there to win. I didn’t come there to make it another episode into the game.

What were the biggest self-discoveries you took away from your time on ‘Survivor’?

Some of my biggest self-discoveries: 1) How much of a warrior my mom is. The respect I have for her and what she goes through day in and day out. I mean, I’ve had to take care of her. I’ve seen her laying in the hospital for days on end. I had to feed her medication. I’ve had to carry her to the bathroom – all of this as a young adult, child. And to then go out on ‘Survivor’ and be starving and be just in a miserable state and to be able to remain positive just reinforced to me how great, beautiful and strong my mom is. She goes through this every day and probably even worse and still puts a smile on her face and I just love my mom more to death after going through that experience.

And 2) I also learned how to be proud for myself, and not to let people who might not like the light shining on someone gifted with some ability, to actually admit that I have good ability. I’m proud of it, and I’m not going to dumb myself down or dim my light just to make others feel comfortable. It was one of the first times in that moment that I could actually acknowledge to myself that I’m proud of myself and that I’m going to do what I need to do regardless of how people necessarily feel about me.

Has this experience matured you at all?

Absolutely, I think anytime you go through something like this – not just in ‘Survivor’, in life – this pushes you to the brink. It makes you find out who you are and what matters most. I’ve definitely grown. I realize how much more I appreciate the people who are close to me and family, friends. How important it is to have a small but close circle around you to protect you, and I cherish that. I cherish those relationships a whole lot more than I did before.

Being a personal trainer, how should you have trained for ‘Survivor’ differently?

As a personal trainer I actually trained about the best I could for it. We only had about a month notice before we had to leave for Fiji so that’s when just I went into weightlifting because I couldn’t lift weights because I have to be so lean for modelling that I really went into straight bulk for a month which is something I haven’t been able to do in a while. Four weeks is not much, I was able to get 10 pounds on, I was able to get a little bit of fat, but really I was just building my strength because I was going to need it when people’s bodies started breaking down my body would still be in form.

What was your proudest iconic “Noble One” moment we got to see?

It has to be the tossing challenge! That was definitely my moment, and it was a blur. It ended fast. When I watched it the first time I had to re-watch it like five times and be like, “Damn. I did that?!” Like I was even sort of stunned because in the moment you’re so wrapped up in adrenaline like “Damn I wanted those pastries!”

How would you have done in the gross food eating challenge?

Well, I talked a big game about saying I would eat just about anything when we were starving at camp. So if I was going to talk a big game I was going to have to play a big game and I would have gone down swinging – who knows if I would have vomited but I would have definitely taken some things down.

​If they were to do another Second Chance season, and you were in the running, what would you say to campaign to go back?

That is a good question. Let me get a chance to vote one time?! I never even voted! Twenty-two days out there! I would say this if I had to campaign: Watch my Ponderosa video and tell me if you want me on TV or not.

If you were to be cast in a Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty season, which tribe do you think you would have placed in and why?​

I definitely would have placed in the brawn because I definitely have that bro, alpha mentality. Even though I am a model I’m not really a pretty boy. I can definitely be dramatic and get pissy and all that stuff and frankly I think that’s what being a brawn is all about.

Did you have to return the idol to Ghost Island? Where is it now?

The producers took it from me.

(Mic drop.)

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