Showtime Debuts Trailer For New York Times Docu-Series ‘The Fourth Estate’

“Fake news” has become a rallying cry among U.S. Republicans, yet how are journalists faring in an industry characterized by shrinking budgets, falling revenues, layoffs and buyouts, and a president who actually declared those who report the news to be “the enemy of the people”?

That’s the focus of “The Fourth Estate”, a new Showtime documentary series that takes viewers inside the New York Times, exploring the dangers and challenges facing journalists in this fraught era of “alternative facts” and Russian election meddling, a polarizing time when viewers of MSNBC and Fox News are presented with vastly different narratives of the same news story.

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“In these times when journalism is being questioned and attacked as ‘fake news,’ Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus (“What Happened, Miss Simone?”) turns her lens on the New York Times in ‘The Fourth Estate’, revealing the challenges, triumphs and pitfalls of covering a president who has declared the majority of the nation’s major news outlets ‘the enemy of the people,'” reads the synopsis for the new series.

“Embedded for the past year with the Times and granted unprecedented access and interviews with editors and reporters on the front lines, the docu-series presents a groundbreaking portrait of the men and women who are fighting for freedom of the press. Viewers will witness the inner workings of journalism and investigative reporting during this administration’s first history-making year.”

“The Fourth Estate” premieres Sunday, May 27.

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