Georgina Chapman Readying Comeback For Marchesa Fashion Brand Following Split From Harvey Weinstein

With her divorce from Harvey Weinstein reportedly settled, Georgina Chapman is ready to get on with the rest of her life, and that includes her Marchesa fashion line.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chapman is preparing a comeback for Marchesa, and she has the full support of her fellow designers in the fashion community.

THR reports that Chapman, 41, recently returned to work for the first time since the scandal broke in October, with dozens of women making allegations of sexual misconduct against Weinstein (who is reportedly the subject of criminal investigations in New York and Los Angeles).

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In addition, Chapman also attended her first fashion function in months, a board meeting of the Council of Fashion Designers of America alongside such peers as Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and CFDA chairwoman Diane von Furstenberg.

As THR reports, Chapman was unsure of what kind of reception she would receive, but was greeted with a round of applause.

“We were all happy to see her,” von Furstenberg told THR. “Georgina is a great designer, engaged board member, devoted mother and good friend. We all support her.”

However, Chapman found herself mobbed by paparazzi as she left the building. “She was so upset — she doesn’t know who tipped them off,” a close friend explained. “She feels she can’t go anywhere without being descended upon, and she is very worried about the safety of her children.”

As THR points out, Marchesa has taken a bit of a hit since the scandal broke, with A-list celebrities avoiding the brand, although “lesser-known actresses” have been seen wearing Chapman’s clothing at red carpet events in recent months.

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One of those actresses, Celeste Thorson (“How I Met Your Mother”) wore a red lace Marchesa gown to an American Red Cross gala in March, and tagged it on Instagram.

“But if it created the opportunity to discuss why women should be recognized as autonomous individuals, independent of a man’s misconduct, that’s important,” she told THR, adding that Chapman “divorced [Weinstein] and as far as I know, didn’t commit any crimes. It’s disturbing when women are penalized for the crimes of an abuser.”

While Marchesa doesn’t publicly share its sales figures, it appears the brand hasn’t experienced as deep a sales decline as it could have, and continues to be stocked by such retailers as Net-a-Porter, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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In the heat of the scandal, Marchesa cancelled its scheduled show at New York Fashion Week in January, with Chapman laying low ever since. Returning the brand to prominence, notes one expert, will take some finesse.

“When figuring out how to be in the limelight again, it’s better to do it right, do it authentically and build it into a long-term business plan instead of just saying ‘MeToo,'” Metaforce branding expert Allen Adamson told THR. “She has enough connections in Hollywood and she’s being smart about staying quiet until she figures out how to relaunch.”

According to reports, Chapman and Weinstein agreed on a divorce settlement in January, with Chapman reportedly receiving a sum between $15 million and $20 million.



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