Shia LaBeouf Reveals How John McEnroe Reacted To ‘Borg Vs. McEnroe’, Says He Got Offered The Part Because He’s An ‘A**hole’

Shia LaBeouf revealed what John McEnroe thought of his latest movie “Borg vs. McEnroe” as he stopped by the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” studio on Thursday night.

The 31-year-old, who has taken on the role of the tennis great in the new movie, admitted he’d never met McEnroe, but he did say that he thinks the sportsman, who was known for his confrontational on-court behaviour, sort of gave him a compliment.

Joking that bosses had picked him to play the part because he’s an “a**hole,” the actor shared of McEnroe: “He knew it was happening, busy guy, I mean nothing but love for John McEnroe.”

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He went on, “It’s really made as the testament to the relationship.”

“I think what he said was that ‘it makes me look like too much of a jerk,’ yeah, he said that. And so, really, knowing McEnroe that’s like a glowing endorsement, so thanks John!”

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Thursday’s appearance also saw LaBeouf open up about being a dad to his new 6-week-old French bulldog puppy, telling the late night host that he has to stop the dog from eating his own poop.

The star explained, “I don’t know if he’s emotional or whatever, but he likes to eat his own doo-doo.”

“You’ve got to be quick with it, you’ve got to get the s**t out of his mouth because he gets worms. So, I’ve been putting hot sauce on the doo-doo,” he added.

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