Stan Lee’s Company Employees Write Letter Expressing Concern About Him

Ever since Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee‘s wife of nearly 70 years, Joanie, passed away in 2017, both his personal and professional lives have been in upheaval.

The stress and pressure are not good for a person in any circumstance, but Lee’s age — 95 years old — certainly adds to the problem.

It’s gotten to the point that employees of Lee’s company, Pow! Entertainment (which stands for Purveyors of Wonder), got together and wrote an open letter about his current state.

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The letter from the company, which Lee co-founded in 2001, expresses concern about his well-being and conveys hope that he’ll be able to “spend his time going forward without impediment or stress.”

It also follows claims that Lee was subject to emotional, physical and financial abuse at the hands of his daughter, J.C. Lee, and several men she recently began associating with regularly.

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In a legal declaration signed Feb. 13 (which you can read below), Lee described three men as “bad actors,” and said they had ulterior intentions. Lee wrote that he believed the men are taking advantage of his daughter and are going after his money, assets and estate.

The three men are identified in the declaration as Jerardo “Jerry” Olivarez, Keya Morgan and Kirk Schenck. They, along with J.C. Lee, deny those accusations and say they have Lee’s best interests at heart.

Stan Lee Declaration by ashley6cullins on Scribd

Lee’s health has also declined since his wife’s passing, and concerns began to pop up after he appeared lethargic and not his sunny, outgoing self at the Silicon Valley Comic-Con last week. One fan-shot video at the event appears to show him receiving instructions on how to write his own name.

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There’s even doubt on Lee’s part about his own company; Pow! seems to question J.C. Lee’s intentions, but Lee sides with his own flesh and blood.

In one documented incident on March 15, J.C. Lee and Morgan visited Lee’s office at Pow! after working hours. The pair reportedly took unidentified items from the building, and Pow! employees contacted the police.

Subsequently, Lee released a video denying any wrongdoing on her or Morgan’s part.

Lee claims he asked his daughter to pick up the materials from his office.

“[I asked her to] bring me back some personal artifacts that I had there that I felt should be at my house and not in a foreign office,” he said. “Right now the people at Pow! are making an issue of it. I don’t understand. But there’s a lot at Pow! I don’t understand.”

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In a new video posted by TMZ on Thursday, a bedridden Lee denied all accusations of elder abuse and financial exploitation — that flies in the face of his Feb. 13 declaration — and threatened legal action against any outlet reporting such allegations.

“I’m going to get the best and most expensive lawyers I can and I want you to know if you don’t stop these articles and publish retractions, I am going to sue your ass off,” he said, among other things, in the video.

There has been no comment from Pow! about Lee’s latest remarks on the issue.

The complete text of the Pow! letter can be read below:

An open letter to the fans

We at POW! Entertainment take great pride in our continuing work to create exciting new Stan Lee content and characters as well as safeguarding the legacy of the greatest story teller of our time. We are also fans and share the heartfelt admiration and love of the community who have voiced their sincere concern for Stan’s well-being.

We have been respectful of Stan’s health issues and have given him the time and space necessary to convalesce. We have also respected his privacy as he deals with the upheaval within his personal management and life. However, upon seeing the many public videos and testimonials of Stan at Silicon Valley Comic Con and multiple other disturbing news reports, we feel we must add our voice to the legion of fans and creatives who are speaking out.

As many have noted, what the videos from SVCC showed was not the normal Stan disposition, which is usually loaded with an endless energy and exuberance that fans around the world have come to love and admire throughout the years.

We, like you, simply want Stan to enjoy life, connect with his fans when he is able, and most importantly spend his time going forward without impediment or stress.

One thing we know for certain is when something is off, the fans bond together. We are touched by the outpouring of love for our Chief Creative Officer and friend, and we proudly stand with you for Stan.

Your thoughts matter, please find it in your heart to Speak Up For Stan!

In his lengthy career, Lee has created a multitude of legendary comic books and characters, including Black Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and many others.

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