Out with one problem, in with another.

“The Queen of Pop” Madonna has been facing backlash for decades. In a new interview with The Cut, the “Like a Virgin” singer compared and contrasted critiques she faced as a young singer to criticisms of her today.

“At the beginning of my career, I got so much flak for using sexuality as part of my creativity and was called a sexual provocateur,” Madonna said. “Now, all the challenges that I had to face 20 years ago seem ludicrous.”

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These days, the problems have changed: “What I am going through now is ageism, with people putting me down or giving me a hard time because I date younger men or do things that are considered to be only the domain of younger women. I mean, who made those rules? Who says? I’m going to keep fighting it.”

“10 to 20 years from now, it’s going to be normal,” she continued. “People are going to shut up.” Madonna, 59, said “we need role models” to combat stereotypes.

“People are afraid of things they don’t know and that are unfamiliar. Women have a different place in the world now,” the singer explained. “We’re finding more work and fighting for more gender equality in the workplace. As we do that, we should keep working on not only our career but on ourselves.”

Continuing, “It’s about staying curious, staying alive, and working on making ourselves feel good whether it’s through exercise, skin care, etc. There are no rules.”

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And as far as she is concerned, this is a problem that needs fixing today and not tomorrow. “It’s an outdated, patriarchal idea that a woman has to stop being fun, curious, adventurous, beautiful, or sexy past the age of 40,” Madonna asserted. “It’s ridiculous. Why should only men be allowed to be adventurous, sexual, curious and get to have all the fun until the day they leave this earth?’

“Why should that only be the domain of men? How do we fight this?” she asked. “By standing up to men and by standing up to social mores or standards that say we cannot. The more women that do it, it will just be a matter of time.”

Madonna recently made a big life change and moved from the U.S. to Lisbon, Portugal.

One person has Madonna’s back following her comments, and that’s Sharon Osbourne.

“The Talk” host defends the icon on Tuesday’s episode of the daytime talk show, “She is so right because the thing is, age is ridiculous. You cannot judge someone by age.”

Osbourne continued, “I think it’s just press that does this, that make stories. I had this said about me last week in the English papers… They said I was going to be let go from ‘X Factor’ because I was too old. And I was like, yeah, b**ch! There is no age. It’s ridiculous!”

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