Cookie Monster And Stephen Colbert Offer ‘Midnight Confessions’ And The Love Flows On Twitter

Stephen Colbert welcomed a very special guest on Friday’s edition of “The Late Show”, with “Sesame Street” mainstay Cookie Monster joining the host to share some of his deepest, darkest secrets in the show’s “Midnight Confessions” segment.

As you might expect, many of those secrets revolved around the furry blue monster’s overwhelming love of cookies.

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“Me not take internet safety serious enough because me always allow cookies,” he explained, and also had a bombshell to drop about his distinctive blue fur.

“Forgive me, audience. Cookie’s fur not really this blue. Me use Just For Monsters,” he quipped.

Cookie also admitted that his mastery of the ABCs isn’t quite as solid as you would expect. “Me been practising alphabet for almost 50 years,” he added. “But sometimes, me a little sketchy after letter C.”

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