John Oliver Reveals Reason He Paid $7,000 For Russell Crowe’s Leather Jockstrap

Despite initially denying that he was the one that bought Russell Crowe’s jockstrap from the movie “Cinderella Man”, John Oliver has now come clean and shared all of his new memorabilia with his “Last Week Tonight” viewers.

Oliver, 40, had been taking a look at the last Blockbuster in Alaska before he mentioned Crowe’s recent “The Art of Divorce” auction, which saw the actor sell off an array of artifacts from his career in the wake of his split from ex-wife Danielle.

After airing a clip showing a telephone bidder paying a whopping $7,000 for Crowe’s jockstrap, Oliver then insisted, “The bad news is we didn’t do it. I’m sorry it wasn’t us, we didn’t buy it…” before he immediately added: “We did, we absolutely did!”

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The presenter displayed his purchase on the desk, asking, “Are you not entertained? What we didn’t do is buy anything else at that auction… except we did though.”

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Oliver then revealed that he’d actually bought a bunch of the memorabilia, including Crowe and Denzel Washington’s chairs from the set of “American Gangster” and the vest Crowe wore in the film “Les Miserables”.

The British star, who said he’d got a bit carried away with the online shopping, later admitted that he was going to give the entire collection to the last remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage.

See what else Oliver bought in the clip above.

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