Cathriona White may have committed suicide by overdosing on pills that were prescribed to Jim Carrey.

That’s the shocking claim from TMZ, which reports that cops found three pill bottles next to the late woman’s bed, all of which were prescribed to “a fictitious male”; that law enforcement officials tell TMZ is actually an alias for Jim Carrey.

“We’re told Cathriona White had prescriptions for Ambien (sleep aid), Percocet (painkiller), and Propranolol (blood pressure/heart) next to the bed where she OD’d,”; reports TMZ. “All 3 meds were prescribed by the same doctor.”;

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As TMZ points out, celebrities will often use aliases when acquiring prescription medication for privacy reasons, and “law enforcement tells us they’ve confirmed the prescription was written for Jim Carrey using an alias.”;

According to a source, a witness in the case says that White may have taken the pills from Carrey’s home, although that is unconfirmed. However, TMZ says that authorities are anxious to interview the actor.

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TMZ is also reporting that five people showed up at White’s home, discovering her dead alongside a suicide note addressed to the Man on the Moon star after she called them to say she was distraught after Carrey unexpectedly ended their relationship.

TMZ has reached out to Carrey’s reps, who have yet to comment.