Newlywed Amy Schumer has some marriage advice for Prince Harry and bride-to-be Meghan Markle.

“Just keep it real guys, keep it real. That’s what I would say to them. Don’t go changing,” the actress, who married chef Chris Fischer in February, says. “I feel very connected to Meghan Markle. We are basically the same person.”

Schumer is about to return to the big screen in the new comedy “I Feel Pretty” which sees an insecure woman named Renee hit her head in an accident, only to wake up with the newfound body confidence of a supermodel. After the first trailer debuted, Schumer tells ET Canada the online backlash she faced claiming she was “setting a bad example” when it came to body image was misplaced.

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“They misinterpreted the trailer,” she explains.  “It’s not a story about a very ugly woman gaining confidence. It’s a story about a woman who really struggles with self-esteem, which I think is something we can all relate to. I know I have struggled with it and it’s a movie that 100 per cent of the people that have seen it left feeling better. It just made me excited for people to see the movie before coming up with what they thought was wrong with it.”

In real-life, Schumer is now nothing like the insecure Renee. A bankable movie star and stand-up comedian who can sell-out shows across North America, Schumer says she feels confident with what she has to offer and isn’t apologizing for having ideas.

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“I don’t think getting famous is good for your ego at all, not as a woman anyway. You will get a nice decade of being trolled on the Internet but my confidence as just ‘someone in the business,’ that has really strengthened,” she says. “I am on these sets now where I used to start a sentence by saying, ‘I’m sorry, I have an idea.’ I don’t apologize anymore. I now know my voice is worth hearing and I’m not always right but I do have good ideas. I have a place in this business and I feel confident about what I have to offer.”