Snoop Dogg is preparing to take over the world with his army of plants — who can possibly stop him?

A marionette version of Captain Kirk and a whole whack of “Star Trek” actors, that’s who! They all appear in a new trailer for an upcoming sci-fi parody flick titled “Unbelievable!!!!!”, which has apparently been filming since 2013 and features Snoop as one of its producers.

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Meanwhile, casting for the film looks like it may have taken place at a “Star Trek” convention, with more than 40 actors from the various “Trek” series featured in the trailer, ranging from Nichelle Nichols of the original series to Marina Sirtis of “Next Generation” to Dominic Keating of “Enterprise”.

According to the film’s synopsis, “Unbelievable!!!!!” is a “sci-fi parody adventure which follows the crazy exploits of four offbeat astronauts (one is a marionette) who travel to the moon on a rescue mission to determine the fate of two Space Agency comrades who have not been heard from in several days. The individuals they find at the Lunar Base are not who they appear to be and, through acts of trickery and deception, nearly succeed in killing them. Soon the astronauts find themselves trying to save the Earth from Plant Aliens!”

You can check out an undeniably weird taste of “Unbelievable!!!!!” in the trailer above.