Stephen Colbert Can’t Control His Glee About Trump Lawyer’s Hannity Insanity: ‘This Is Crazy!’

The case of President Donald Trump’s lawyer took an unexpected sharp left turn into Crazytown on Monday when attorney Michael Cohen was forced to reveal a big secret he’d been keeping: one of his three clients was none other than Fox News host and vehement Trump defender Sean Hannity.

As you’d expect, this bizarre turn of events did not go unnoticed by Stephen Colbert, and Monday’s “Late Show” monologue reveals him unable to conceal his excitement.

“Pro tip for the president,” Colbert quipped: “When your lawyer needs a lawyer… you need a lawyer.”

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In addition to Hannity and Trump, Cohen’s other client is former RNC deputy finance chair Elliott Broidy, who enlisted Cohen’s services to deliver $1.6 million in hush money to a Playboy Playmate that Broidy (who is married) impregnated. “Not the same Playboy Playmate that Donald Trump had an affair with,” Colbert pointed out. “That’s two Playboy Playmates now. I’m just glad Hef isn’t alive to see his life’s work dragged through the filth like this.”

It was the Hannity revelation, however, that caused Colbert to go over the top. After showing a CNN clip reporting the news, the camera cut back to Colbert ecstatically lounging in a chair while sipping a glass of wine.

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“Jon Stewart,” he told his former “Daily Show” boss, “after the show, I’m gonna come over and we’re just gonna spoon.”

His face a picture of sheer glee, Colbert remarked, “This is crazy! Cohen only has two other clients, and all he does is pay off mistresses. Which raises the obvious question: who did Sean Hannity have sex with?”

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