Benedict Cumberbatch Gives Advice On Gender Equality, Bullying & More As He’s Quizzed By Teenage YouTuber

Benedict Cumberbatch was asked for some advice as he sat down to be interviewed by YouTuber Sophia Grace, 14.

Cumberbatch, 41, who has been busy promoting his latest film “Avengers: Infinity War” was first quizzed on whether he was a fan of Nando’s, before Grace, who has previously interviewed celebs on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, got on to the heavier stuff.

The actor first picked up a card which read, “Bullies,” to which he replied: “This is a really difficult subject.”

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Cumberbatch went on, “As hard as it may seem you have to meet it with love, you have to try and empathize. You have to not hate yourself, but you have to understand why people often want to damage other people is because they’re damaged themselves.

“Stand on your own two feet, know your own self-worth unaffected by bullies, they don’t really know the real you. They just want to get at something to feel better about themselves.

“[Do] not take it personally, it’s not about you, it’s about them,” he finished up by saying.

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The chat also saw the father-of-two give advice to boys about girls, with him insisting: “Respect and equality. Include and don’t exclude and learn what you can.”

Other topics in the tell-all discussion included teeth, flying and dealing with the dreaded “Happy Birthday” singalong.



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