Robert De Niro Calls Jimmy Fallon A ‘F**king Idiot,’ Jokes He’s Never Seen A Dog In ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

Robert De Niro joked he’d never seen a dog as he took part in a hilarious “Tonight Show” skit Monday.

De Niro, 74, and Fallon, 43, could be seen walking past a bunch of people in the corridor gushing over a puppy in the segment before the actor stopped and asked, “What’s that?”

Fallon then replied, “I think it’s a Labradoodle,” to which De Niro said: “Usually rabbits aren’t so big.”

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As the pair went back and forth discussing what a dog was, the talk show host shared, “It’s just a pretty common species, people have these for pets.”

De Niro ended up holding the pup before thanking Fallon for a fun day. He then walked down to the end of the studio corridor and said: “F**king idiot!”

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De Niro’s appearance also saw the actor address the chances of another “Meet the Parents” movie. He later revealed why he had to wear platform shoes while filming “The Irishman”.

See more in the clip below:



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