Morrissey has long been associated with political views one might describe as liberal, with the openly gay former frontman of The Smiths being an early activist for LGBTQ rights, a vocal animal-rights activist and staunch vegetarian who once titled an album “Meat is Murder”.

Yet a recent interview is leaving fans feeling confused after the 58-year-old singer threw his support behind Britain’s right-wing For Britain party, attacked London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan and slammed British PM Theresa May for her support of a Muslim festival.

In the controversial interview, which Morrissey published on his website, he excoriates Muslims for halal meat production, which he describes as “evil” and associated with ISIS, and blasted May for describing the Muslim Eid al-Adha festival as a “joyous celebration.”

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Morrissey, however, sees Eid al-Adha as an occasion in which “millions of animals had their throats slit to mark the occasion. I wondered what kind of compassion she could possibly have.” In addition, he accused May of being “incapable of leadership,” adding, “She cannot say her own name unless it’s written down on a cue card in front of her.”

Some other comments were even more controversial, especially when he addresses accusations that he’s a racist. “As far as racism goes, the modern loony left seem to forget that Hitler was left wing,” he declares. “When someone calls you racist, what they are saying is: ‘Hmm, you actually have a point, and I don’t know how to answer it, so perhaps if I distract you by calling you a bigot we’ll both forget how enlightened your comment was.’”

Morrissey also professes his support for Britian’s far-right For Britain party, noting that “nothing I say is provocative. They are just facts.”

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Fans of the singer were having a difficult time reconciling their love for his music with their apprehension about his political views, and took to Twitter to slam the interview, with one Twitter user declaring Morrissey to be “unhinged” while another described him as “the worst person whose music I will listen to forever.”

Check out this sampling of Morrissey-related tweets: