Snoop Dogg Celebrates NHL Playoffs With Hockey Slang Edition Of ‘Hockey 101’

Get your dictionaries ready because Snoop Dogg is here to teach you the ins and outs of hockey lingo for use on and off the ice.

The rapper and legendary hockey fan dropped the second entry in his “Hockey 101” web series and he’s ready to explain the rules, slang and culture of the sport to the uninitiated.

From “apples” and “biscuits” to “pizza” and “chiclets,” Snoop ‘aka Dogg’ Cherry has you covered so you can “celly” the NHL playoffs.

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“In hockey, ‘flow’ has nothing to do with rhyming, he explains. “It’s about wild hair.” Other wild hair terms explained by the rapper include “lip lettuce” and “muzzy.”

“Going five-hole sounds dirty but it just means getting a goal in the most humiliating way possible,” he says, while “stoned” is “when a goalie makes a great save.”

“What did you think I meant?” he asks with a smile.

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