Justin Bieber: The Next King of Pop?

Photo: Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Justin Bieber is sitting down with MacLean’s magazine and he makes it very clear he wants to be the new King of Pop.  “I don’t just want to be a teen heartthrob.”;

Solidifying his claim to the pop thrown Justin has already borrowed the moves, the glitter gloves and fashioned his own version of Michael’s crotch grab, but can the cute Canadian become a “bad-boy”;?

Apparently we’ll only have to wait a couple more months to find out, Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager says that Justin will be releasing some new material in February and it won’t disappoint.  “Think of the wildest thing you can think of and think: more.”;

“All our decisions are based on long-term decisions, we use Michael as a template.”; Justin tells the mag, “The things he did for his career, a lot of the times it was good, sometimes it was bad, but he was successful from being young to being old.”;  Continuing on, Justin spills the motivation behind his music, “That’s what I want to get to. I don’t want to grow up and lose my young fans singing inappropriate music.”;

Photo: Justin Bieber’s Instagram

Scooter explains how Justin goes about learning from his pop icon.  “We have this running thing called What Would Michael Do?”;  Adding, “It’s not that Justin wants to be Michael Jackson, but his thing is if Michael was the greatest, why not look to him?”;

Not surprising, Justin is looking to another pop sensation who wasn’t always a golden boy: Elvis. “I like that Elvis was a good boy but wasn’t a good boy at the same time,”; he says. “I’m not picture perfect. I don’t want to be inappropriate. Just not perfect like a Disney kid. Nothing against…”;

All this sums up what we’ve seen in the media recently with Justin posting shirtless photos of himself on Instagram, performing amongst a slew of sexy Victoria’s Secret models and sporting new tattoos. Hardly the work of a hardened “bad-boy”; but one thing’s for sure the Prince of Pop, is definitely growing up.

Read the full interview with Justin here, and Tweet us your thoughts on Justin’s musical icons? Do you think he will become the new King of Pop?




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