Goop has launched in Canada, eh?

And to prepare for the modern lifestyle brand crossing the border, Canada’s own lifestyle brand Coveteur decided to teach Goop founder and CEO Gwyneth Paltrow a few things about Canadian culture.

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“As Canadians, we’re super excited to have more Goop and we wanted to take the opportunity to give you Canadian speak 101,” Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Coveteur, Stephanie Mark says.

“This is way more layered than I thought,” Paltrow jokes after learning there are in fact, multiple ways Canadians use the word ‘eh.’ Watch more in the video above, including Paltrow’s take on the Canadian tuxedo!

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In December 2017, Goop launched its tightly edited digital shop in Canada, the first time they have shipped outside the United States.

“I was 21 when I shot my first film in Toronto. It was over the course of a gorgeous autumn and I felt a strong connection to the exceptionally leafy and vibrant city,” Paltrow says. “A few years later, my father directed me in a film in Vancouver and I was stunned by the proximity to nature and by the city’s cuisine. Two years ago, on a special trip to Fogo island, I was able to discover Newfoundland and my love for Canada deepened.”

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