‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ Castaway Libby Vincek On Being Voted Off: ‘I Really Trusted Our Alliance’

Going into tribal council, “Survivor” contestant Libby Vincek felt that her alliance was rock solid — a miscalculation that has cost countless castaways over the years.

When the votes were counted, it was Michael who should have watched his torch being snuffed, with seven votes cast for him.

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Unluckily for Libby, Michael held an immunity idol, and all those votes for him were discounted. This left one vote for Wendell and three for Libby, who made an exit from “Survivor: Ghost Island”.

©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ET Canada caught up with Libby to talk about her feelings on being the latest castaway sent home.

Who did you feel betrayed by the most, and how long did that bitterness last?

I think Donathan and Laurel. I really trusted our alliance and knowing how much they were working behind my back was pretty rough to watch.

What would you say your ultimate downfall was? Why was it you?

I think trusting people the way I did. I knew not to trust people ever entirely in the game, but when working with certain people I think I would get ahead of myself, and that just comes with the person I am. Although, give me a second chance, and I’ll be able to show who I became.

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If you could go back to that tribal council, how would you argue to keep yourself in the game?

Going back I would’ve said, “Why in the world do you think I am a bigger threat than someone opposed to Wendell or Dom? For someone like me trying to stay alive that gets votes every tribal, you are literally blowing away someone that could help you take out someone that is more of a physical and strategic threat than me.”

Who was the most frustrating person to strategize with out there?

Chelsea. Frustrating because I really never knew where she stood fully. I felt like we could really make a big move together, but hey, smart move on her part. I have a feeling I made Morgan feel the same way. I love this game and have a huge passion for it. I respect game play even if it’s frustrating on my end.

What bad decision did you make that will haunt you forever?

Gosh that’s a hard one. I don’t really think I was in a position to have any regrets. I played my heart out. People didn’t see a lot of my strategic play, but honestly I’m pretty proud of it. Maybe if anything, I’d have a better strategy of forcing those fish eyes down my throat faster. Hakuna Matata, right?

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