The Eighth Houseguest Is Evicted From ‘Big Brother Canada’

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” on Global, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….















There was no Canada’s vote to spare Ryan from eviction in tonight’s “Big Brother Canada,” instead it was Johnny who managed to pull off a miracle and save himself for another week.

Things looked bleak for Johnny when Derek became Head of Household, thereby subjecting the house to another seven days of his and Kaela’s rule. Johnny put a huge target on himself last week after Erica’s blindside when he let loose on “Daela” in an emotional outburst. He didn’t help matters by lying about his rogue vote and then subsequently going back on that lie when he realized he’d become public enemy number one.

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Fortunately for Johnny, a lot can change in a week, and even though he lost out on the Power of Veto to Derek, and was sitting next to Ryan, the luckiest player in the game, Johnny was able to turn things around with a little bit of help from Ali and Olivia. For the past couple of weeks, the self-described “Ding-Dongs” alliance have been plotting how they can take down “Daela” without getting blood on their hands, and keeping Johnny around to do the dirty work seems like an appetizing option for the deadly duo.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Following the Veto Meeting, Johnny approaches Ali and Liv to ask what his chances are of staying in the game. Ali tells him the votes are currently 50-50, but that if he can convince Will to keep him, then Paras will surely follow. Ali encourages Johnny to reach out to Will and remind him of the bond they’ve had throughout the season. Meanwhile, Liv subtly tries to manipulate Paras, being cautious not to push her agenda but making it clear that Johnny is more capable of taking out “Daela” than Ryan.

Paras, however, remains adamant that she is not voting for Johnny to stay. She believes that Ryan is a number for the White Room alliance and will stick by them as the game nears its end-point. Ryan swears on everything that he will not nominate Will or any of the White Room crew should he win HOH next week. But Will is conflicted, he’s never had a strong a relationship with Ryan – the two even had a big blow-up earlier in the week – and is much closer to Johnny on a personal level.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

As the eviction draws ever closer, Ali gives one last push to get Will to flip. She lets him know that Johnny will always remain a bigger target than him, whereas Ryan has the ability to slide through week after week. An unconvinced Paras sits awkwardly in the middle of this entire conversation. Ultimately, Ali asks Will what his gut is telling him to do, and he agrees that keeping Johnny will be better for his game going forward.

The persistent campaigning pays off at the eviction, where just like Ali predicted, Paras follows Will’s lead and votes out Ryan. In fact, the vote isn’t even close, Ryan is evicted unanimously in a 6-0 blow-out – even Kaela happily votes with the majority. That suggests that Johnny and the “Ding-Dongs” managed to work their magic over the entire house between the Veto Meeting and the eviction. It’s a rather impressive turnaround given that just a few days ago “Daela” and Paras were hellbent on evicting Johnny.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Ryan can take some solace in becoming the first member of the jury, and on his way out the door, he tells his fellow houseguests to own their lies, as that’s what will earn them his vote. The big-bearded Calgary native tells Arisa Cox that his game fell apart back in Week 2 during his disastrous HOH reign, he says after that point nobody trusted him. He also apologizes to Canada, letting them know he’s sorry that he was only able to make it another seven days.

The game is nearing the final stretch, and things are only going to get crazier from here on out, especially with an upcoming triple eviction!

The Player Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are heading towards the light and which are sinking to the fiery depths, sticking with the heaven/hell terminology, of course.

Stairway to Heaven:

Ali/Liv – While Johnny certainly deserves credit for surviving this week, it wouldn’t have been possible without Ali and Liv laying the groundwork. These two ladies are seriously good at this game, especially when it comes to convincing others to make moves against their best interests. If they can survive the triple eviction next week, then one of the “Ding-Dongs” deserves the $100,000.

Highway to Hell:

Paras – Things are looking worrisome for Paras after this vote. She’s played a solid game, managing to balance multiple relationships, but she continues to vote out her closest allies. She was right to want to keep Ryan but was unable to convince her alliance. Now, as the numbers dwindle, Paras is running out of back-up.

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