TTC Officers Escort ‘Despacito’ Accordion Player Off Subway And Issue Summons

The commute on Toronto’s subway could be more melodic than usual although maybe not with a song that’s globally loved — or loathed, depending on how you feel about the song that is the most-viewed video on YouTube.

Two accordion-playing men have been filling subway cars with the tune “Despacito”.

Complete with accordions, Tim Hortons cups and satchels, the men are either making days or dimming them. But it appears the fun has come to an end.

According to The Toronto Star, TTC officers on patrol Monday found a man playing “Despacito” on his accordion on a train at Union Station. The officers escorted him off the train, with a TTC spokesperson describing him as “respectful and polite,” and adding he was, “very cooperative and he was very pleasant to our transit enforcement (officers).”

The spokesperson added that the two musicians had been warned twice before.

Rather than fine the accordion player $235, the officers issued a summons for which he will have to appear before a Justice of the Peace who will determine a fine should the man be found guilty of breaking TTC bylaws..

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TTC Spokesperson, Stuart Green, told Global News last month they hadn’t had any formal complaints but customer comfort is paramount.

“We know the unwanted exposure to music whether or not they like this particular song is something that definitely, definitely gets under people’s skin so we do have to be mindful of providing an atmosphere where people are riding in relative comfort and peace.”

Green said they haven’t had any reports of busking and that “busking or asking for money is clearly against TTC rules.”

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Green doesn’t want riders or musicians to think music isn’t welcome underground, however.

“We’ve got a program that people apply to, which by the way is open right now to apply to at and that’s how you legally play music on the TTC.”

Through the program, musicians are allowed to play in designated TTC musician spots.




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