Molly Ringwald Takes Down ‘Pretty In Pink’ Co-Star Jon Cryer In Epic ‘Drop The Mic’ Rap Battle

This week’s edition of “Drop the Mic” will feature the co-stars of a beloved 1980s teen comedy facing off in a diss-heavy rap battle when “Pretty in Pink” actors Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer take to the stage.

In a sneak-peek preview of the upcoming episode, the gloves come off as Cryer slams Ringwald, rapping, “You’re not Julianne Moore, you’re Julianne less!”

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He adds: “Molly’s a ginger, creepy as s**t, you would have been great as Pennywise, the clown from ‘It’.'”

“OK,” declares Ringwald, “this is getting real,” and takes some serious shots at Cryer.

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She starts off by rapping, “Our friendship is dead, after this don’t call me, you’re the least cool person to ever die from molly,” and then goes for the jugular: “You’re 5-foot-6, weigh 110, now were you the half-man in ‘Two and a Half Men’?”

You can see the rest of this battle unfold on this week’s episode of “Drop the Mic”, airing Sunday, April 22.

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