Meghan Markle’s Niece ‘Embarrassed’ By Family Griping Over Royal Wedding Invites, Is ‘Ripping The Family Apart’

Meghan Markle’s niece is fed up with all the drama involving members of her family publicly complaining about not being invited to her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry, admitting that all the sniping is “ripping the family apart.”

Speaking with the Daily Mail, 19-year-old Noel Rasmussen (the daughter of the “Suits” star’s half-sister, Samantha Grant) is coming to her aunt’s defence following complaints from her mother and other members of the family griping that they haven’t received invitations to the wedding despite being members of her family.

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“Smoke and mirrors cannot hide the elephant in the room,” wrote Grant on social media. “Out of respect, tradition and humanitarianism, the #Markles should be invited if 2,000 complete strangers are invited.”

According to Rasmussen — who is estranged from her mother and lives with her grandmother in New Mexico — the griping is “ripping the family apart,” and she hopes the “craziness” that’s engulfed her family will die down.

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Admitting she’s “embarrassed” by her mother’s behaviour since news broke of Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, Rasmussen told the Mail in an earlier interview that she believes her mother’s actions have been fuelled by jealousy.

“When [Meghan] started dating Prince Harry, [Grant] got an interest in Meghan which she had never had before,” said Rasmussen. “She wanted to be nice, to be friends, to say how much she loves her sister — but after years of telling me and the rest of the family how much she hates Meghan, how much of a narcissist Meghan apparently is and what a horrible woman Meghan is, which isn’t true at all.”

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She added: “Of course my mother doesn’t like Meghan. This she’s told me starting from a very early age. She hasn’t liked Meghan since essentially she was born. She’s told me stories about how she didn’t want her around and how she never asked for Meghan.”

In fact, Rasmussen claims that her mother has “been overall jealous of Meghan as soon as she got famous and began taking jobs like, for example, ‘90210’. And of course, when she got ‘Suits’, that set her off. After however many years, she’s just completely bashed Meghan, said the most horrible things about her to the entire family, and just been completely jealous of her,” she continued. “She hasn’t shown her any type of love or appreciation unless she wants money. That’s it.”

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Meanwhile, other members of the Markle family have spoken out about their disappointment in not being invited to the wedding.

“I’m upset and surprised about not being selected but if they don’t want me there, then I don’t want to go,” says Markle’s uncle, Michael Markle, while the actress’ half-brother, Tom Markle Jr., declared, “She’s torn our entire family apart. She’s clearly forgotten her roots.”

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