While the upcoming biopic Steve Jobs is already receiving widespread critical acclaim, there was reportedly no shortage of behind-the-scenes turmoil during its development, and a story in The Hollywood Reporter suggests the trouble stemmed from Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, and her opposition to the movie.

According to THR, the widow of the late Apple CEO tried everything in her power to prevent the movie from being made, attempting to pressure the studio and even personally contacting Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio (who were rumoured to be in consideration for the role) so she could urge them not to take the part.

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While director Danny Boyle didn’t confirm the claims specifically, he did admit there was opposition from Laurene Jobs and current Apple CEO Tim Cook. “They haven’t helped,”; Boyle tells THR. “There’s been some tough moments. I’m not going to go into them.”;

However, an unidentified “key player”; in the film does get into it. “Since the very beginning, Laurene Jobs has been trying to kill this movie, OK?”; says the source. “Laurene Jobs called Leo DiCaprio and said, “Don’t do it.’ Laurene Jobs called Christian Bale and said, “Don’t [do it].'”;

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While reps for Bale and DiCaprio didn’t verify those claims, and Laurene Jobs did not return a call for comment, a Sony executive seemingly confirms the allegations: “She reached out; she had a strong desire not to have the movie made. But we said, “We’re going to move forward.’ My understanding is, she did call one or two of the actors.”;