Pauley Perrette Can’t ‘Imagine A World Without Abby,’ Still Grieving The Loss Of Her Beloved ‘NCIS’ Character

Pauley Perrette is finding it hard to say goodbye.

The actress appeared on the latest episode of  “CBS Sunday Morning”, where she revealed that she’s struggling to come to terms with the end of her time on “NCIS”.

“It makes me sad to imagine a world without Abby in it. It really makes me sad,” the 49-year-old explained, admitting, “I’m still grieving. And it’s sad. I… usually cry in my car every single day when I drive to work. And I usually cry on my way home at some point.”

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Perrette announced that she would not be returning to the long-running procedural back in October, taking to Twitter to clear up rumours as to why.

Although she still hasn’t provided fans with a concrete answer, she alluded to the downsides of fame during the sit down interview. “It’s just very dehumanizing. I hope I’m not wrong, but I think that I have earned a little bit of time to myself. Just stay home. Go to church.”

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But Perrette is determined to have Abby Sciuto’s legacy live on, specifically in the form of a scholarship: “In honour of young women that want to pursue science and math and forensics.”

“Abby made science cool and attainable for young women,” she notes. “And this television character did more than encourage it.”

While she hasn’t shared if she’ll return to the business, she did give fans a hint of hope.

“I’m being offered a lot. There’s a lot of conversations going on, yeah. And there’s me sittin’ at home on the couch, drinkin’ beer with my dogs. And I’m really good at it!”




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