Kylie Minogue Says She’s ‘Loving Life,’ ‘Open’ To Love Amid Rumours Of A New Beau

Kylie Minogue says she’s “open” to love.

In an exclusive sit-down interview with ET Canada, the Aussie singer tells Carlos Bustamante she’s ready to be in love again amid rumours she’s dating British GQ creative director Paul Solomons.

“Of course I’m open to it. Even the songs on the album that talk about lost love or looking for love, they’re always hopeful,” she explains. “If you lose hope, you lose everything, so of course I am.”

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An insider tells The Sun the 49-year-old songstress has been quietly dating Solomons since her split from actor Joshua Sasse 14 months ago.

“Kylie and Paul were introduced by mutual friends in the industry in February and Paul has been quietly supporting her comeback,” the newspaper reports. “Both are keen to keep their close friendship under wraps.”

The news comes as Minogue releases her country-inspired album “Golden”, which details her heartbreak over the end of her three-year relationship with Sasse.

The Sun‘s source adds, “Kylie is back to her happy self. She is enjoying life and spending time with Paul and is hopeful as to what the future might hold.”

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What the future holds for Minogue is a major birthday and with it, a new outlook on life.

The singer, who is set to turn 50 in May, says she’s living and loving her life right now.

“I am having a party which is already out of character because I normally do everything I can to squirm out of committing to anything. Driving my girlfriends mad! I’ve seen it with some other friends, we’re similar ages and I was hoping it would happen to me – what I saw with them – that they just decided to own it and accept it and really embrace where they are in their life,” she says. “That’s what’s happening to me and it’s absolutely brilliant. I love it.”

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“If you had asked me when I was 20, ‘How do you think you’re gonna feel when you’re 50?’ I’d have thought ancient but it is what you make it and that’s a lot of what the essence of what ‘Golden’ is about,” Minogue explains. “We’re not ‘young’, we’re not ‘old’, we’re ‘golden.’ We can’t be younger and we can’t be older, when you’re a kid you want to be older and when you’re more mature you might want to be younger but we are who we are, at any point in time so just try to shine wherever you are.”

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