A Triple Eviction Rocks ‘Big Brother Canada’

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” on Global, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….















Ali and Olivia stuck their necks out to save Johnny last week, and seven days later all three find themselves guillotined in the dreaded triple eviction.

What a difference a week can make in the “Big Brother Canada” house. Last Thursday, the houseguests decided to flip the vote to save Johnny so that he would go after Derek and Kaela. Johnny became Head of Household and as promised, he tried to nominate the much-feared power couple. You may be wondering then how both Derek and Kaela are still in the house following tonight’s triple eviction.

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The problem started when Derek won the Power of Veto and removed himself from the block. Johnny had to choose a replacement, and he opted to nominate Ali, the woman that spent all last week campaigning for him to stay. There was growing suspicion towards Ali after Kaela revealed that she’d been playing multiple sides, however, the target remained firmly on Kaela. After all, the houseguests had been waiting for weeks to split up the showmance, and now they finally had their chance. Nobody would be stupid enough to pass up that opportunity, right?

Enter the treacherous trio of Paras, Maddy, and Will — three houseguests who have managed to make it this far in spite of their frequent mistakes and poor judgment. Tired of having the game dictated to them, the surviving White Room dwellers finally have the power to decide who is going home and Paras, in particular, is relishing it. “Daela” promises to keep the trio safe in a potential triple eviction, and even though Paras and Kaela clashed days earlier, Paras puts aside her personal animosity and believes that keeping Kaela would increase her alliance’s odds of making it to the final five.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Sensing the tides turning, Johnny goes full “butterfly of death” mode and tries to sabotage Kaela’s campaigning, calling out lies and getting into verbal spats. Things become increasingly volatile as Johnny calls another house meeting in an attempt to expose “Daela” and save Ali. For a season that has been mostly tepid in the drama department, these last two weeks have really turned up the heat. During the back-and-forth argument, Kaela guarantees Johnny and Liv will head home next week if she stays, a promise that turns out to be prescient.

At the first eviction of the night, Ali is eliminated in a 4-1 vote, though judging by Paras and Will’s corridor whisper session, they were still deliberating up until the literal last minute. Ali doesn’t leave quietly, as she yells at her fellow houseguests that their “word doesn’t mean s**t” and admonishes Johnny for putting her on the block. She tells Arisa Cox that she’s “so sad that I can’t be mad,” and praises her fellow “ding-dong” Liv, saying, “She was my rock inside that insane asylum.”

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

The night doesn’t end there, as Arisa announces the triple eviction, and now loyalty will truly be put to the test. Ultimately, the decision to save Kaela pays off for the White Room trio when Derek wins HOH and keeps his promise by nominating Johnny, Liv and Maddy. Kaela subsequently wins the Veto, keeps the nominations the same, and votes with Paras and Will to save Maddy, thereby sending Johnny and Liv to the jury just like she said she would.

Liv and Johnny take their eviction in relatively good spirits considering the circumstances, though Liv does admit to Arisa that she regrets saving Johnny last week. Johnny, however, stands by his decision to nominate Ali as the replacement. When asked who should win, Liv suggests Derek, but Johnny says they can’t let Derek win over Kaela. “Derek fits the mold of a Big Brother winner, but Kaela is doing more than him, trust me,” he explains. The pair also feel that the trio made a bad decision saving Kaela because they won’t be able to win out against “Daela” in the end.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

The decision may have been questionable, but credit has to be given to the trio for surviving the triple eviction completely intact. Paras especially deserves praise for reaching the final five without ever touching the block. The concern is that they haven’t won a competition between the three of them and now have to face off against two proven comp beasts. Even more worrying is their jury management. Their constant flip-flopping will have unlikely earned them the jury votes of Ali, Liv, and Johnny.

Respect where it’s due also for Kaela and Derek, who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds with some non-stop, hardcore campaigning. The lovebirds might not be to everybody’s taste but there is no denying they worked their butts off to survive this week and could very well ride this thing until the very end.

Losing Ali, Liv, and Johnny in one night is a brutal blow to the season. The three were arguably the most compelling and entertaining players remaining in the game. But that’s how cruel the triple eviction can be, and as the game heads towards the finish line, things are only going to get more ruthless from here on out.

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