A new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi movie “Kin” has been unveiled ahead of its August 31 release date.

James Franco plays a grinning villain in the eagerly anticipated flick, which tells the tale of a recently released ex-con and his adopted teenage brother, who are forced to go on the run after finding a mysterious weapon.

Eli (played by Myles Truitt) ends up finding the gun in question, which boasts mystical powers, while roaming through a deserted house. He then ends up saving his brother (Jack Reynor) with it when he gets confronted by Franco’s evil character.

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Reynor tells Truitt in the clip: “I know I’m not a good guy, but it’s been pretty incredible to be brothers for the first time.”

The movie, which is from the same producers as “Stranger Things” and “Arrival”, also stars Zoe Kravitz and Dennis Quaid.

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Producer Shawn Levy recently told Collider of the film, “This is another 21 Laps project that enjoys the intersection of sci-fi and character.

“It seems to have become a sweet spot, certainly for our taste, and hopefully in our abilities for crafting an elevated genre character piece. This movie is ‘Terminator’ meets ‘No Country For Old Men.'”

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