Ed Sheeran is dusting off an old friend for his latest effort, with the new video for “Happier” featuring the long-awaited return of his puppet doppelganger.

First seen in the 2014 video for “Sing”, the Sheeran puppet is back, and despite the song’s title he’s definitely not happier.

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Unlike the earlier video, in which the puppet partied in nightclubs and cavorted with models in the back of a limo, this time we see a more melancholic side of the Ed Sheeran puppet as he drinks alone in a seedy bar and laments the lost love of his ex (who is apparently made out of balloons).

According to a brief mention in a 2017 interview with BBC News, the puppet has apparently spent the past few years chilling out in the London offices of Atlantic Records, where it’s been displayed in a glass presentation case outside the boardroom.

In this new interview, Ed’s alter ego breaks down everything you need to know about his new single and music video:

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For a then-and-now comparison of the Ed Sheeran puppet in happier times, here’s a look back at the video for “Sing”, in which the puppet hangs with the actual Sheeran and Pharrell.

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