It’s been announced that director Wes Anderson’s next project will be his second stop-motion animated film, following in the footsteps of Fantastic Mr. Fox, and that the storyline will surround a dog. Other than that, little else was known about it — until Jeff Goldblum spilled the beans during a recent concert.

The actor, who moonlights as a musician leading his jazz band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, was chatting with the audience during a recent performance and reportedly revealed the cast.

According to Nerdist, Goldblum told the crowd of about 100 that he was co-starring alonside Bob Balaban, Bryan Cranston and Edward Norton in the latest from the director of The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

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Furthermore, he added that he and his fellow thespians would be playing a pack of dogs, and that the film would be “Japanese-inspired.”;

Goldblum’s loose-lipped leak follows a Page Six report that Cranston, Norton and Anderson were seen dining in NYC with frequent Anderson collaborator Bill Murray. Hmm…