Kanye West Trolls Everyone With ‘Whoop Diddy Scoop’ Song And The Internet Goes Wild

Kanye West has been doing and saying a lot of bizarre stuff in the last few days, but he may have just topped himself.

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Friday evening, the rapper tweeted out a link to his website, which has been wiped clean except for one song called “Lift Yourself” on the front page.

The track is odd enough to start with, featuring what sounds like an old sample and a dance beat. But things get a whole lot weirder when West shows up to rap a verse featuring nonsense lyrics like “whoop-diddy-scoop” and “poop-di-scoopty”.

West teased the new track earlier in the day in a tweet, referring to Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden’s conversations about him on the air, indicating that the song is in fact one big troll.

Ebro responded in good humour, quoting some of West’s lyrics.

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The rest of Twitter meanwhile went wild at the hilarious trolling job from the rapper.



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