Ashley Judd Says Sexual Assault Victims ‘Can Heal… That Has Been My Experience’

Ashley Judd has an important and deeply personal message to share.

The “High Crimes” actress read a letter to sexual assault survivors at Tribeca Film Festival’s Time up panel in New York on Saturday.

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“We can heal. That has been my experience,” she said. “We may not know, admittedly, how to or even from what we need to heal. It may be the event itself or vivid or dull memories of it, and it is entirely plausible that we don’t even remember the event.”

“Healing is our birthright. It was not our birthright to be sexually harassed or assaulted or raped based on social constructs of gender, biology, sex, identity, orientation, ethnicity, race, ability, or any intersection thereof,” continued Judd. “It is our birthright to know in our bones that it wasn’t our fault.”

Explaining, “We humans hurt each other and sometimes we hurt ourselves, but we can make decisions and take actions that free us.”

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Judd’s passionate speech was read as part of a conversation with #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke, during which Judd revealed one of her own sexual assault memories.

‘A police record of a time I was sexually assaulted in high school,” she said. “I was wearing a green-and-gold cheerleader uniform, my mother tells me. It was in a local store and I have no memory of that crime.”



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