Miley Cyrus Takes Back Her 2008 Apology For Nearly-Nude Vanity Fair Photo

Miley Cyrus has withdrawn the apology she made in 2008 regarding her controversial Vanity Fair cover shoot.

The singer, 15 at the time, posed for legendary VF photographer Annie Leibovitz nearly nude, only covered with a white sheet.

Many young fans of the “Hannah Montana” alum were upset by the cover shot, prompting Cyrus to publicly apologize following the controversy: “I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen.”

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But flash forward 10 years and Cyrus isn’t sorry anymore.

The “Malibu” singer, now 25, took to Twitter to take back that apology.


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Sunday’s VF retrospective wasn’t Cyrus’ only throwback tweet; the singer shared old headshots in honour of #OldHeadshotDay.

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