BBC To Let Street Parties Tune In To Royal Wedding For Free

The BBC is doing its part to help the people of the United Kingdom celebrate the royal wedding.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say “I do” in May, watch-parties held in public will be able to screen the ceremony as it airs without paying a community licence fee, the broadcaster announced.

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“I’m delighted to announce that we have decided to offer a one-off dispensation for the royal wedding on May 19,” said BBC Head of Revenue Management Pipa Doubtfire. “This will allow the public to enjoy live coverage of the occasion at special events like street parties, where TV is not usually watched, without needing to buy a licence.”

Ordinarily, viewing live television or streaming by the BBC on any premises must be covered by a valid TV licence, but Doubtfire said that the fee for a licence can be waived if the event being screened is “judged by the BBC to be of national importance.”

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Said Doubtfire: “The BBC considers that the royal wedding is such an event.”



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