Leah Remini is about to blow the lid off the Church of Scientology with what is said to be an explosive tell-all about her years as a celebrity adherent to the controversial religion.

Titled Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, The Daily Mail reveals the actress is expecting serious blowback and possible lawsuits with the publication of the book, which will allegedly lift the veil on secrets that the church would prefer stay hidden.

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According to the former King of Queens star, her anti-Scientology stance since leaving the church back in 2013 has led her to be blackballed and badmouthed. One celebrity Scientologist who has nothing positive to say about her is Kirstie Alley, who referred to Remini as “repulsive” and “a bigot” during an interview with Howard Stern.

Leah Remini Talks About Her Nasty Split From Scientology

The book is slated to be published in November, and The Daily Mail reports it will include her claims about “Scientology’s ruthless indoctrination,” which includes “blackmail and abuse as well as control over other celebrities like Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley.”