While promoting his new movie, “The Last Witch Hunter”;, Vin Diesel revealed a surprising casting in the works for the upcoming eighth “Fast & Furious”; instalment: Dame Helen Mirren!

“I’m working on it,”; the 48-year-old action star teased. “I love Helen Mirren, and she knows it, because she’s so sweet and wonderful to me.”;

The news comes after months of campaigning in the press from Mirren. Earlier this year, she admitted to ET Canada that she’s been itching to go for a spin in the action franchise.

“I’ve always wanted to be in a “Fast and Furious’ movie, and they’ve never asked me,”; Mirren told ET in March. “I don’t understand why. Vin, get your act together!”;

But she didn’t stop there, reiterating her eagerness to join the series while promoting her film, “Eye in the Sky”;, at TIFF in September. She said, “I keep putting out feelers, but they don’t ask me!”;

So what advice would Diesel give the actress as a newbie to the franchise?

“Be careful what you wish for, “; he warns, “because once you enter our world, you never leave.”; Watch more of Natasha’s interview with Vin below.

– Will Reid

In this video, Vin Diesel talks about his role in The Last Witch Hunter: