‘S**tty Robot’ YouTuber Simone Giertz Has A Brain Tumour: ‘This Is Not A Goodbye’

YouTuber Simone Giertz became a viral sensation for investing her engineering skills into building hilarious “s**ty robots.”

But a video published by Giertz on Tuesday is several notches less humorous than her fanbase is used to. “I have a brain tumour,” reads the video’s title.

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Giertz, 27, recently learned the swollen eyelid she suffered from for almost a year was caused by a benign brain tumour the size of a golfball.

“I don’t even like golf, but I do like my brain, a lot,” she said with her trademark deadpan humour. “The good news is that I’m probably not dying,” the Swedish personality expressed, although she will have to wait until after having surgery to be certain.

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Giertz’s operation is scheduled for the end of May: “This is not a goodbye. I’m planning on becoming super-healthy, and being able to keep on building shitty robots and making videos for you.”

The robot-enthusiast first joined YouTube in 2013 and has amassed almost one million subscribers to date.

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