Sarah Hyland Asks Fans To Help Her Thinning Hair: ‘Medications Are Making My Hair Fall Out’

“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland needs your help.

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The beautiful 27-year-old actress said her hair is falling out because of some of the kidney dysplasia medication she is taking.

“Help, help, help. What hair care products are out there for thinning hair, this 27-year-old would like to know,” Hyland said in a recent Instagram story. “I know it seems like I don’t but I do. Some of my medications have been making my hair fall out.”

“Some supplements like Viviscal and Nutrafol I’ve talked to my pharmacist and I’m not allowed to take them because they interact with those medications,” she explained. “So for those on prednisone and Prograf and Myfortic and any immune-suppressing medications, have you found anything other than just biotin that works?”

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The actress was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia at a young age and has had 10 surgeries to improve her health. In 2012, she received a kidney transplant from her dad.

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