Late Night TV Hosts Defend Michelle Wolf After Correspondents’ Dinner Backlash

Late night TV has come to the defence of Michelle Wolf following the backlash she’s received for her speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday.

The comedian, who has worked on both “The Daily Show” and “Late Night,” has been criticized for her relentless roast on U.S. President Donald Trump and members of his administration, including White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who Wolf joked wears eye shadow made from “burnt facts.”

“Michelle should have had the decency not to comment on women’s appearances in any way, shape or form. She’s a comedian, for God’s sake, not the president,” Trevor Noah said in mock anger on last night’s edition of “The Daily Show.”

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Seth Meyers also stuck up for his friend and former co-worker, agreeing with Trump that Wolf is indeed “filthy” and “mean,” which he stated, “are wonderful qualities for comedians, and terrible qualities for free-world leaders.”

The “Late Night” host also took issue with a statement put out by the White House Correspondents’ Association, which said that Wolf’s performance was “not in the spirit” of the event.

“You hired her! That’s like a parent sending an email saying, Yesterday’s birthday was meant to celebrate Kevin turning six years old. Unfortunately the stripper’s dance routine was not in the spirit of the party.”

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Over on “The Late Show,” after telling the Correspondents’ Association to “grow a pair,” Stephen Colbert changed into his old conservative character he used to play on “The Colbert Report” and aired his “grievances” with Wolf’s speech.

“This is the correspondents’ dinner, celebrating the freedom of speech. You can’t just say whatever you want! You don’t go to a funeral and say exactly what you thought of the person – and what is the annual correspondents’ dinner but a funeral for the independent press?

“And how dare you besmirch the okay name of Sarah Huckabee Sanders? And I am so proud, right down to the breastbone, that the press is defending her, despite the fact her boss joked about throwing reporters in jail. That’s the kind of comedy the press likes.”

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