Jeffrey Tambor To Appear In New Season Of ‘Arrested Development’ Despite ‘Transparent’ Firing Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

“Arrested Development” fans have been suffering a long wait for new episodes, but the show’s creator had some exciting news to offer earlier this week.

Mitch Hurwitz published a letter to fans on the show’s official Twitter account Tuesday with two big announcements.

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First up, a fifth season of “Arrested Development” is coming to Netflix soon. “Like real soon,” Hurwitz wrote. “Like, if you knew when, you would not be wrong to be thinking ‘why are we all just hearing this now?'”

That’s not all, though. To tide everyone over during the presumable short wait for Season 5, Hurwitz announced that on Friday, May 4, Netflix will release a special remixed version of Season 4, appropriately titled, “Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences”.

The remix has long been rumoured. The original version of the season, which resurrected the cancelled show after several years off the air, featured episodes that focused on each character, “‘Rashomon’-style”, with the separate stories all adding up by the end.

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Hurwitz’s new edit of the season turns the 15 individual episodes into 22 episodes of more standard length, with the characters’ stories interwoven.

“I’m really excited about the final result,” Hurwitz wrote. “It’s funny in a whole new way, and I believe it creates a really entertaining and hilarious experience for the ‘viewer.'”

Following Hurwitz’s big reveal, questions emerged about whether Jeffrey Tambor would return to the role of Bluth family patriarch George Bluth Sr. in the wake of his firing from “Transparent” over multiple allegations of sexual harassment on the set.

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According to Deadline, a Netflix spokesperson confirmed that Tambor will indeed reprise his “Arrested Development” role in the upcoming season.

Speaking with AM New York back in February, “Arrested Development” star David Cross (who plays Tobias Funke) said that he and other members of the cast are supporting Tambor.

“I can’t speak for everybody, but I know there are a number of us who stand behind him — from the limited amount we know, we stand behind Jeffrey — and I am one of them,” said Cross.



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