Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen are hitting the campaign trail hard in advance of next week’s election, but they took time out to sit down with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel for an expansive interview that ranged from talk of politics and the Canadian economy to their favourite TV show and whether the PM or his wife is better at taking a selfie.

“We’re feeling great, you know, we’ve been all around the country, meeting Canadians,”; says the Prime Minister of campaigning throughout Canada. “It’s really inspiring to see — there’s so many people out there who are working hard for our cause and these are people who don’t expect anything in return. They’re just doing it because they believe in the country, they believe in the cause, and you meet them all over the country — and it’s really inspiring.”;

Asked how she’s coping as election day looms, Monday, October 19, Laureen Harper quips, “Lots of coffee!”;

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The PM says travelling throughout Canada has given him an appreciation for the country’s diversity. “Look, I love running the government, I like making difficult decisions,”; he says. “But seeing the country, going everywhere in the country and meeting the people. I’ve been to the most northern point in Alert [Nunavut], I’ve been the most south, east, west – I’ve been everywhere in between. I’ve met Canadians of all different backgrounds and stories. And between going around our country and then going to other countries, you really get an appreciation of what a special place this is and how privileged we are to be citizens here.”;

Harper once famously guest starred on Murdoch Mysteries, and when Sangita asks if there’s a show he’d like to guest on now, he admits he doesn’t watch a lot of TV — but confirms that MurdochElementary and Veep are favourites, adding that the whole family gathers to watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Emmy-winning political comedy and joke that it’s like watching their own reality.

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If the Harpers return to 24 Sussex Drive after all the votes are counted, Harper is in for an exceptionally busy few months. “We’ll have a lot of work, one way or the other following [the election],”; he says. “So it’d be a while, it’ll be until Christmas until we get much of a break. So we’ll be keeping busy.”;

You can catch Sangita’s full interview with the Harpers on tonight’s show, airing at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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