Canadian Senator David Adams Richards Says American Announcers Are Destroying Hockey

A Canadian senator spent part of his official time Tuesday giving a speech bemoaning the play-by-play announcers in American hockey broadcasts.

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David Adams Richards, an acclaimed New Brunswick author and newcomer to the Senate, complained on-the-record that phrases coined by American announcers have infected hockey talk north of the border.

“We didn’t deny a shot; we actually saved it,” Richards said. “We didn’t delay at the blue line; we stopped at the blue line. Nor did we take a wrister. What an insulting word. We took a wrist shot. Nor did we take a slapper. What an insulting word. We took a slapshot — and not the movie.”

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“These odious phrases are all momentary inventions by American play-by-play announcers who have never played or understood the game,” the senator added. “The first thing lost is the game’s essential genius.”

Richards’ speech earned laughter and applause from his fellow senators.



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