Contestant Gets Friend-Zoned In Ridiculously Awkward Episode Of ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ — Watch!

Things got really awkward really fast on a recent episode of “Let’s Make a Deal”, which saw one contestant get friend-zoned on live television.

Wayne Brady, 45, introduced Steve and Jessie to the audience before asking them how long they’d been together.

However, despite it being a prom episode, Jessie was quick to shoot down claims they were a couple, just as Steve insisted they’d been romantically involved for around six months.

“We’re friends, but he wants it…” Jessie explained, laughing, before Steve asked: “Can we talk about this… not in front of everyone?”

Jessie then insisted, “I’m single. I’m single, guys. I’m single,” as Brady awkwardly walked away.

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The duo ended up winning a holiday to Mexico, however, the host has since insisted that he doesn’t think they’ll be going together.

Speaking to TMZ, Brady said of whether or not the embarrassing moment was real: “Yeah, we don’t plan anything on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’, you can’t, I think that’s part of the beauty of the show.

“That whole thing, I loved it! I feel bad for him, but I saw what was happening, and my job as the master of ceremonies is just to let things run their course. So, that’s why I just let them play.”

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Brady went on, “Yeah, poor guy, but fellas, know your social cues! Better yet, know who you’re showing up to a public event with. He kind of brought that on himself just from the view point of know who you’re dealing with. I would like to think that she did not know.”

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