Mike Myers Remembers Verne Troyer, Impersonates Trump’s Wacky Doctor On ‘Kimmel’

Jimmy Kimmel welcomed Mike Myers to his late-night talk show on Wednesday, and the Canadian comedian got emotional when remembering his longtime “Austin Powers” co-star Verne Troyer, who passed away a few weeks ago.

“Verne was a fantastic human being,” said Myers of Troyer, who portrayed sidekick Mini-Me alongside Myers’ Doctor Evil in two “Austin Powers” movies.

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“And a great comedian,” Myers added, “and I always just want to make that point that, as written, Mini-Me is almost a prop. But he brought it off the page better than written and we just ended up giving him more and more stuff to do… He was a great physical comedian, a great dancer, just a fantastic guy.”

Myers recalled attending a state dinner at the White House — “Obama’s White House,” he clarified — for Justin Trudeau, with both President Obama and Canada’s prime minister asking him the same question: “How’s Mini-Me?”

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During his appearance, Myers also shared an anecdote about randomly meeting Matthew McConaughey in a Los Angeles bar, and then talked about his upcoming return to “The Gong Show” for a second season as faux-host Tommy Maitland.

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Meanwhile, the Canadian comedian’s gift for hilarious impressions was on display when he portrayed Dr. Harold Bornstein, the one-time personal doctor to Donald Trump, who now claims that it was Trump and not he who wrote the glowing letter attesting that the former “Celebrity Apprentice” star would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Watch:

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