NBA Player’s Mom Wins Two Cars And A Trip to Madagascar On ‘The Price Is Right’

An NBA player’s mom had a huge day on “The Price is Right” Wednesday.

Lisa Beverley, mother of Los Angeles Clippers star Patrick Beverley, competed and won an estimated $41,000 in prizes.

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Coming away victorious wasn’t a foregone conclusion, though. During the “Let ‘Em Roll” game to see who would move on to the “Showcase Showdown”, Beverley’s competitor Fernando spun a nearly impossible-to-beat $0.95.

Amazingly, Beverley managed to come out on top by hitting $1.00 and winning a car and $1,000 cash.

Seeing Beverley’s winning spin, Fernando promptly collapse flat on the ground in a moment destined to become a viral gif.

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Following that huge win, Beverley went onto the final round where she managed to come away with the top prize consisting of a second car and a six-night trip to Madagascar.

Beverley’s son Patrick tweeted in celebration of his mother’s victory.



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