Alden Ehrenreich And Tye Sheridan Head To War In ‘The Yellow Birds’ Trailer With Jennifer Aniston

Before he makes his big screen appearance as Han Solo in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, Alden Ehrenreich is heading off to war with “Ready Player Ones”‘s Tye Sheridan in the indie war drama “The Yellow Birds”.

After bonding during boot camp, the young soldiers, Brandon (Ehrenreich) and Daniel (Sheridan)’s platoon is hit with tragedy while serving on duty in Iraq. Back home and dealing with post-battle emotions, Brandon must learn to manage his emotions as he is confronted with the harsh truth he left behind in battle.

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“The Yellow Birds” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year and co-stars Jennifer Aniston as a grieving mother and Toni Collette as Brandon’s protective mother. Jason Patric and Jack Huston round out the cast of the drama, which is scheduled to hit DirectTV on May 17 through June 13.




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