Dreams Are Crushed In The Latest ‘Big Brother Canada’ Eviction

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” on Global, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….















With just one week until the “Big Brother Canada” season finale, Maddy’s superfan dreams come to an end as she is evicted in 2-0 vote.

Last week, Kaela and Derek miraculously survived the triple eviction, in no small part thanks to the questionable decision making of Maddy, Paras and Will. The trio had a chance to separate the dominant power couple and instead voted to protect them with the hopes of making the final five. It was a bold risk, and one that paid off in the short-term, they made it to final five. All they had to do now was beat Kaela in the Head of Household competition. Three against one, should be simple, right?

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Here’s the thing, the trio suck at competitions, they haven’t won a single thing between the three of them all season. It was no surprise then that Kaela won yet another HOH comp and immediately had the trio regretting their decision. Even “Daela” couldn’t believe their fellow houseguests were stupid enough to keep them around. For Maddy, Paras and Will, their move to save the showmance proved fatally shortsighted.

Big Brother Canada Season 6
Big Brother Canada Season 6

It’s difficult to feel bad for the trio though, especially when Paras and Will have spent all week throwing temper tantrums and guilt-tripping Maddy into taking the blame. Paras and Will accused Maddy of making side-deals and throwing them under the bus, despite the two of them doing the exact same thing all season long. Will even made a ridiculous deal with “Daela” this week, promising to throw the Power of Veto competition so that Kaela’s nominations of Paras and Maddy would stay the same.

The one chance the trio had to rectify their mistake was for Will to win the Veto and remove one of the nominees, forcing Kaela to nominate Derek. That was the only way of keeping all three members of their alliance safe, and it actually looked like Will had a shot at winning the comp for once, until he willingly stepped down, paving the way for another Kaela victory.

Big Brother Canada Season 6
Big Brother Canada Season 6

In tonight’s episode, Kaela chooses not to use the Veto, leading to a pretty uneventful week. The campaigning from both nominees is relatively straightforward. Maddy’s pitch to Derek and Will revolves around Paras being a bigger physical threat, particularly in endurance competitions. Meanwhile, Paras builds her case around Maddy being stronger in mental competitions, warning Derek and Will that her block buddy knows detailed statistics of the houseguests and daily events.

At the eviction, Derek and Will choose to vote out Maddy, ending her five-year-long dream of playing “Big Brother Canada.” Maddy tells Arisa Cox that she “had so much fun,” regardless of not making it all the way. When asked if she had trouble turning on her allies, Maddy explains, “This house really takes yourself away from you and I struggled with that the last few days, but I feel like I can sleep at night with the game I played.”

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The most intriguing aspect heading into the final week is the developing story between Kaela and Derek and whether either one will have the guts to cut the other. In tonight’s episode, Kaela said she is willing to drop her showmance partner, though it would kill her to do so. Derek, meanwhile, promised Kaela he’d take her to Final 2. It should make for a dramatic ending, unless, of course, Paras and Will can finally pull out a comp win and cut the couple themselves.

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