Demi Lovato brought smiles and a song to Times Square to mark the launch of her brand new album Confident.

The “Cool For The Summer”; talent teased an appearance at the famous New York City tourist magnet via social media.

“MIDNIGHT. BE HERE… #findconfident”; wrote/caps locked Lovato on Twitter and Instagram.

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After midnight hit, fans were treated to an appearance from their pop hero who exited a big black vehicle to join the crowd gathered at Times Square. Lovato waved to fans and took video with her phone before leading the crowd in an enthusiastic singalong of “Confident.”; After the song wrapped, she headed back to the vehicle and rolled out.

As you might imagine from the massive collection of folks in attendance, footage has surfaced of the NYC micro-concert. You can check out INF Photo’s video of the whole thing by clicking this handsome link.