Kendall Jenner Brushes Off Blurry Kacey Musgraves Drama: ‘Kacey Is Literally My Fave!’

Kacey Musgraves took a swipe at Kendall Jenner on Instagram after the model blurred out her face in a recently uploaded photo.

Jenner, 22, shared a snap of herself enjoying the heat wave in New York with very little clothing on. However, despite the star looking as stunning as ever in the shot, it wasn’t long before fans’ attention was drawn to the billboard behind her.

Credit: Instagram/SpaceyKacey
Credit: Instagram/SpaceyKacey

Jenner may have blurred out the pic in question, but the majority still recognized it as a promotional poster for Musgraves’ new album Golden Hour.

The country music singer then appeared to take a jab at the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star’s edit, as she reposted Jenner’s shot, then shared a second upload — a closeup of her blurred ad.

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Credit: Instagram/SpaceyKacey
Credit: Instagram/SpaceyKacey

Not ending the picture-posting spree there, Musgraves blurred out Jenner’s face for a third post. However, she quickly deleted it.

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Credit: Instagram/SpaceyKacey
Credit: Instagram/SpaceyKacey

Jenner dispelled any rumours of beef between the two stars, insisting she “didn’t edit this photo” and that “Kacey is literally my f**king fave!”

“I was working all day and didn’t edit this photo! Kacey is literally my f**kin fav! ‘Space Cowboy, ‘I Miss You’, ‘Keep It to Yourself’, ‘Follow Your Arrow’, bangers!” she tweeted. “Ask anyone of my homies I die for her!”

The latest Jenner drama comes after it was reported she’d been accused of stealing the idea for her new Beats 1 radio show “Pizza Boys” from Robert Karageuzian and his brand “Pizzaboyzzz”.

Jenner and her DJ friend and radio partner Daniel Chetrit were said to have been sent a cease-and-desist letter from Karageuzian’s lawyer, Sam P. Israel, on April 16 demanding they stop using the brand’s name.

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